MonthAugust 2018

The Italian Film Festival

Palace Electric 12 September to 7 October 2018

The Italian Film Festival is always a particularly special one at Palace and this year is no exception with 37 films in a variety of genres, more than 3o of these Australian premieres.

There are five special events at this year’s festival in Canberra, including the full 150 minute version of Loro for opening night – ‘Seduction, glamour, corruption, drugs and raucous poolside parties, the life and times of scandal-plagued Silvio Berslusconi”

Between opening and closing night you can see comedy, drama, crime, mystery, documentary and a selection of films by Ferzan Ozpetek.

Closing night features a new restoration of the 1977’s horror film Suspiria.

Listen to Richard’s interview with festival Director Elysia Zeccola

Indigenous Literacy Day

Indigenous Literacy Foundation’s Indigenous Literacy Day and launch of Fill a Bookshelf fundraiser is Wednesday 5 September, celebrating Indigenous culture, language and literacy.

An initiative called Fill a Bookshelf aims to raise $300,000 and hence provide 30,000 books for remote communities. There is an emphasis on Indigenous writers and books relevant to communities.

You can get find out more at

Or get on board with Fill a Bookshelf at

Listen to Barbie’s interview with Karen Williams, Executive Director of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.


An exhibition by six artists at Tuggeranong Arts Centre, 30 August to 15 September 2018

Annette Schneider, Barak Zelig, Caroline Ambrus, Judith Collette, Lucile Carson and Margaret Kalms.

Opening 6pm 30 August. Meet the Artists at 2pm on Saturday 15 September.

Listen to Barbie’s interview with Caroline Ambrus, Annette Schneider and Barak Zelig


Marcela Fiorillo –Argentina Magica

Wesley Music Centre, Friday 28 September at 7pm

Acclaimed Canberra based Argentinean pianist Marcela Fiorillo presents a recital of music by Argentina’s most eminent composers, Alberto Ginestera and Astor Piazzolla.

These two composers more than any others reflected the musical landscape of Argentina as a whole. Ginestera’s music incorporates folk and gaucho elements as well as the complexities of classical ‘academic music’.

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A Portrait of Mary Queen of Scots

Tuggeranong Arts Centre, Sunday 26 August 5pm

Bravo Revival House Project and Tuggeranong Arts Centre for an innovative and clever performance of artsong focused on Mary Queen of Scots. Louise Keast  (soprano), Shikara Ringdahl (mezzo soprano), and Ella Luhtasaari (pianist) along with Shags (visual artist), and Hue MacCulloch (fashion designer).have given a repertoire of music from the 19th and 18th centuries a 21st century feel with the use of multimedia effects.

The beauty of song was still the main game in this performance but creative use of graphic features, the inclusion of instrumental and choral pieces and some theatricality of staging brought it very much into the contemporary era.

It is wonderful to know that artists can work experimentally to produce quality performances and that our local arts centres will back them. TAC is quietly developing expectations with its arts programs across the board.

Louise Keast’s interview with Barbie Robinson

Yael Maree – when we vanish

Published by Elephant Tree Publishing 2018

This debut novel was launched at the Canberra Writers’ Festival. It is to some extent a work of speculative fiction, but more it is an examination of the feelings of the depressed and the lonely.

Its main characters, a blue haired goth and an office worker, both suffer from a sense of being invisible, not being cared for by those around them. In this case, however, the conceit is that Alexander, the main male character actually does become invisible.

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Canberra Writers’ Festival

Book Launch at King’s Hall, Museum of Australian Democracy, by guest speaker duel Olympian Fiona Hannan of when we vanish by Yael Maree. When we vanish is published by Elephant Tree Publishing 2018

Yale Maree’s debut novel was one of a small number of book launches at this year’s festival. These events are important for all writers, but especially those at the emerging end of their practice.

Guest presenter Fiona Hannan, now on the professional speaking circuit, is a dual Olympic athlete in two different sports.  Fiona had an 18 year career as a professional basketball player, culminating in winning a bronze medal with the Opals at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. She then turned her hand quite literally to Handball and in 2000 was selected and represented Australia at the Sydney Olympics in that sport.

As Yael Maree’s book delves into aspects of mental health and well being, Fiona Hannan was a particularly pertinent speak as this is an area in which she interests herself.

Find out more about Yael Maree’s novel at

Listen to Barbie’s interview with Yael Maree

National Council of Women Australia Triennial Conference

QT Hotel, 17 to 19 October 2018

NCWA is a national non-government umbrella organisation with broadly humanitarian and educational objectives, which seeks to raise the awareness of women and girls to their rights and responsibilities as citizens and to encourage the participation of women in all aspects of community life. We work with, and across all sectors, to identify and bring about change to ensure that there is equity and security for all in Australia.

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Handel in the Theatre – Susanna

Canberra Playhouse
Saturday 1 September 7.30pm and Sunday 2 September 2pm, 2018

Handel in the Theatre’s third production is Susanna, Handel’s intense, thought-provoking opera about sexual harassment, innocence and truth. Written over 250 years ago, Susanna speaks to our times, asking whether goodness and truth can survive in a society with corrupt and lecherous leaders.

Susanna will be directed by Caroline Stacey and is conducted by Brett Weymark.

Tickets available through Canberra Theatre Centre.

Listen to an interview by Jon Millard with Handel in the Theatre founder and Artistic Director Tobias Cole,


Music for Canberra – Canberra Youth Orchestra 2018 Concert Series

Concert 3 with Lucy Sugerman
Saturday 29 September 2018 at 7.30pm
Llewellyn Hall, ANU School of Music

Acclaimed Canberra singer/songwriter, Lucy Sugerman, will perform with CYO in a concert also featuring the renowned film scores from Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

Lucy is best known as the youngest grand finalist on The Voice 2017 and since then has been seen performing at many events in Canberra including at Reconciliation Day 2018, the Australia Day 2018 ceremony and the National Folk Festival.

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Padma Menon: Moving Archetypes

Dance Contemplation Intensive – Nine Nights with the Goddess – Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. Wednesday 10 to Friday 19 October evenings 7-9 pm except Sunday 14 October 11 am to 2 pm at Street Theatre

Coinciding the auspicious time of the Navarathri Indian goddess festival, the workshop intensive invites participants into the worlds of the powerful Indian goddess archetypes—Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi.

Durga symbolises the warrior space and confronting of our delusions including selfhood. Lakshmi symbolises the domestic and material spaces and invites us to contemplate on our dharma or practice of our roles without attachment to results. Saraswathi is the symbol of highest knowledge and in her world, contemplative artistic practices, like dance, allow us to access Consciousness spaces.

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Kenneth Spiteri workshop

Dramaturgy in the Creation of Physical/Image Theatre and New Dance Work
Canberra Theatre Courtyard Studio, 2 September 2018, 10am –  4pm

Led by actor, theatre maker and dance dramaturge Kenneth Spiteri, this workshop is for choreographers, dancers, actors and theatre makers who are interested in exploring different facets of ‘dramaturgy’ in the creation of new physical theatre and dance work.

The work will move between improvisation and discussion around the possibilities for creating meaning and ways in which a dramaturge can help facilitate the process of clarification in the creation of new works.

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Book launch: out of silence – Marcel Marceau by Jan Dalman

Liangis Theatre, National Portrait Gallery, Saturday 18 August

A cheerful crowd filled the LIangis Theatre at the NPG for the launch of out of silence:  Marcel Marceau by Jan Dalman, realised by Andreas Dalman and Elizabeth Cameron Dalman.

The meaning of the word ‘realised’ becomes apparent when you learn that this book was something that Jan Dalman wanted to achieve in his lifetime but which in the end was brought to fruition by his son and wife some years after his death.

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Selby and Friends: 2019 season in larger venue

2019 marks 30 years of innovative concert creation around Australia by Kathryn Selby, AM

Selby & Friends is delighted to welcome back brilliant Australian solo violinists Natalie Chee, Susie Park & Daniel Dodds with SSO Concertmaster Andrew Haveron.

Adding to the superb artistic ensemble are favourite charismatic cellists, ACO Principal Timo-Veikko Valve, SSO Principal Umberto Clerici & Julian Smiles of Goldner Quartet fame.

New to Selby & Friends in 2019 is the US-based bravura Australian cellist Richard Narroway who, with returning violin star Grace Clifford, joins Selby and Friends’ program, supporting outstanding young Australians on their professional journey.

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The Song Company – Four Colour Season

The scintillating Song Company returns to Canberra on Friday 7 September with one performance only at The Street at 7.30pm.

In this performance the seven members of The Song Company work with Indigenous dancer/choreographer Thomas E.S. Kelly and his Karul Projects to weave stories of the sky, the land and the seasons. We will hear both European music and new Australian music as well as see the natural world interpreted in movement.

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