7th Annual Canberra Writers Festival – Power, Passion, Politics

Artistic Director Jeanne Ryckmans
Festival Director Paul Donohoe
Various Venues
10 to 14 August 2022

The festival presents 160 local, national, and international writers, journalists, commentators, and leading thinkers in 70 events at venues including the Museum of Australian Democracy, National Museum of Australia, National Press Club, and Kambri Cultural Centre at the Australian National University. 

Barbie talks to Canberra Writers Festival Artistic Director, Jeanne Ryckmans

Tickets from $5 to $150.

Canberra region writers and facilitators include Emma Batchelor*, Tabitha Carvan*, Shelley Burr*, Nigel Featherstone*, Irma Gold*, Ginger Gorman, Jack Heath, Karen Viggers*, Marion Halligan, Chris Hammer*, Virginia Haussegger, Kim Huynh, Genevieve Jacobs, Alex Sloan, David Lindenmayer, Emma MacDonald, Margo Neale, Lucy Neave*, Karen Middleton and Sally Pryor.

*There are reviews and audio interviews (often multiple) for these authors on Living Arts Canberra.

The full program is available at https://www.canberrawritersfestival.com.au/program/2022