A Portrait of Mary Queen of Scots

Tuggeranong Arts Centre, Sunday 26 August 5pm

Bravo Revival House Project and Tuggeranong Arts Centre for an innovative and clever performance of artsong focused on Mary Queen of Scots. Louise Keast  (soprano), Shikara Ringdahl (mezzo soprano), and Ella Luhtasaari (pianist) along with Shags (visual artist), and Hue MacCulloch (fashion designer).have given a repertoire of music from the 19th and 18th centuries a 21st century feel with the use of multimedia effects.

The beauty of song was still the main game in this performance but creative use of graphic features, the inclusion of instrumental and choral pieces and some theatricality of staging brought it very much into the contemporary era.

It is wonderful to know that artists can work experimentally to produce quality performances and that our local arts centres will back them. TAC is quietly developing expectations with its arts programs across the board.

Louise Keast’s interview with Barbie Robinson