Adaptation – Canberra Glassworks

In collaboration with Suki & Hugh Gallery
25 November – 20 December 2020 
Opening and Christmas launch 25 November, 4pm to 8pm

The events of 2020 have highlighted the need for collaboration and supporting each other as a community.  Hence this collaboration on the exhibition Adaptation.

Barbie interviewed some of the artists from Adaptation at the exhibition opening.

Nine artists have responded to the year of 2020. In the mediums of glass, drawing, painting and ceramics, their inspiration is largely drawn from nature. The power of nature to both destroy and heal has been felt acutely throughout 2020. Many have sought sanctuary from and in Nature.

Working in new realms required by lockdowns and isolation has opened opportunities for those willing and able to adapt.

Suki & Hugh Director Susan Foxlee says: ‘Whilst we have been tested by fire, drought, and the pandemic the overarching sentiment remains hopeful. There seems to be a sense of liberation and satisfaction that comes with accepting the now.

‘Ultimately, belief in tomorrow fosters endurance, resilience and gently encourages us to adapt to our changed environment. Adaptation is a salute to moving forward in whatever environment we find ourselves.’

Image: Susie Dureau, Song storm verse 1, 2020, oil on panel, neon. Courtesy of the artist and Suki & Hugh Gallery.