Alliance Française 30th French Film Festival

Palace Electric Cinema Canberra 7 March to 10 April

The utterly delicious French Film Festival returns to Canberra with 54 films across a variety of styles and genres. With 30 years under its belt, the festival celebrates with a grand array of films and plenty of special events to entice Francophiles and film lovers.

There are opening and closing night special events with food, wine and entertainment as well as special evenings:

  • Ladies night screening Romantic Comedy
  • Romantic comedy night screening Rolling to you
  • The Royal Embassy of Belgium night screening Keep Going
  • The High Commission of Canada night screening Genesis
  • Gastronomy night screening Wine Calling for more information

Single and multi-film passes are available. Tickets

Living Arts Canberra thanks the Alliance Française de Canberra, Coralie Wood Publicity and Palace Electric for hospitality at the media launch screening of In safe hands (Pupille)  directed by Jeanne Herry.

Listen to Barbie’s interview with Patrice Gilles, Chief Representative of Fondation Alliance Française in Australia and Director of Alliance Française de Canberra.