Andrew Fuller – Your best life at any age

How to acknowledge your past, revive your present & realise your future
bad apple press 2019
Andrew Fuller is a Fellow of the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Learning and Educational Development at the University of Melbourne.

Andrew Fuller’s sympathetic invitation to reflect on our lives and the choices available to us is an absorbing read. After all we are all interested in our ‘selves’, and rightly so, because how else can we expect to make the most of the gift of our lives?

 The book is divided into age groups – the stages of life we pass through if we are fortunate   – and we are advised to perhaps first read our own age bracket and then the ones either side of it – we can see what 500,000 other people have experienced and how we fit into that wealth of life stories. We can also see what we were doing in comparison with others at certain times of life.

Barbie talks to Andrew Fuller about Your Best Life at Any Age

This book does not preach or give advice but rather it illuminates the human experience. In documenting his conversations about life with the people in his workshops, Andrew Fuller has lighted upon some universals and these are not only a point of comparison but also perhaps one of inspiration for possibilities.

I particularly enjoyed the summative chapter – If I had my life to live over in which the ‘essentials parts of life’ are listed and briefly examined: appreciation and gratitude, health, honour, friendship and conversation, humour, music, dance and sounds, aromas, presence, spirituality, beauty, creativity, love and LIFE.

As its title indicates, this is a book for all ages. I highly recommend it not only for its content but also its readability, empathy and gentle humour.