Andrew Vukosav – Longitude, Latitude, Solitude +

Yering Station, Yarra Valley, Victoria
15 January – 20 February 2022

Andrew Vukosav’s sublime aerial images of the Australian landscape would improve any public building or corporate foyer. They are large works appropriate to the vast country they capture, and were shown in Canberra at Humble House Gallery, Fyshwick from June 2 – 27 2021.

Shot from his single-engine Cessna 182, using a professional digital camera mounted over an inspection port, the photographs are mostly of pristine, if not untouched, places in Western Australia and South Australia. The images are inland and coastal, though his preference is for inland.

Andrew Vuikosav spoke to Barbie about Longitude, Latitude, Solitude + during its Canberra exhibition in 2021

We are struck not just by the intense colour of these works but by the patterning and surprisingly fine details seen from as low as 1000 feet. They assume a highly painterly air with marks made by weather and animals’ tracks. They are richly textured and immediately invite imaginative musing. The artist’s titles indicate that this is also true for him, as he sees rabbits, kangaroos and dragons in the shapes created by landforms seen from above.  

These images and the process of capturing them has clearly brought joy to Andrew Vukosav. His pleasure in and respect for the natural world is potent. If ever artworks made a clear and present plea for the environment and its care, these do just that. They are breathtaking, consciousness expanding and altogether a source of awe and wonder.