Anna Blackie – How to Adult

(A guide to not being a trash human and other life issues)
Illustrated by Alex Nicol, @perceptioninfection
Pantera/Lost the Plot, Australia 2020

This excellent survival manual for millennials is Anna Blackie’s first published work. It covers in useful detail and with reference to expert advisers, an array of problematic practical life issues including finance including tax, cooking, legal, social media, professional, health and fitness.

Whilst with serious intent, How to Adult is written in an engaging, readable and highly accessible style, deftly laced with goodly doses of sardonic humour. Think the opposite of po-faced.

Anna Blackie talks about How to Adult

Anna writes for millennials and with a strongly millennial voice, somewhat self-deprecatory and never patronising. Her work, however, is of considerable interest to other gens, no doubt including the baby boomers whose children these Y people are.

Whilst providing practical advise on many things including how to make gravy, the book is also a significant social mirror – how have things changed in our society in the span of this generation, what matters to the Gen Ys, how are they navigating an increasingly complex world and what are the pros and cons of this world?

Anna was motivated to create this book to provide a one stop shop for the wide range of information needed by her peers to cope with the day to day requirements of a 21st century life. She succeeds in this, whilst saying that every day she finds other pressing needs for advice which she has not covered in How to Adult. Certainly, however, her readers will come away much better prepared to face the world.

The step beyond is clearly one that takes this generation beyond living away from home to the murky area of parenting for millennials.

How to Adult is available at all good bookstores and online sellers.