Annie Parnell – Clay is like Stone, Glaze is like Rock

Strathnairn Gallery until 7 March 2021

This exhibition demonstrates the importance for the emerging artist of time to play. This is not indicate a frivolous diversion but rather the space to experiment and make work that does not intend necessarily to be functional or commercial. It expresses a delight in simply making forms, playing with the mediums, inviting the viewer to make of them what he or she will.

Barbie went to Strathnairn to talk to Annie Parnell

Annie Parnell has used extruded clay to create strange and wonderful objects, that take advantage of the plasticity of the medium. However, equally if not more important in these works is the use of glaze as a base element of the design rather than as an adornment or finish. The glaze, as much as the clay, is employed to create shape and flow in each piece.

They are nevertheless all playful and objects which excite the imagination, and the power of suggestion and memory. The artist has created a series of small sculptural works which impart a sense of childlike glee but which are skilfully made and thoughtfully conceived.

Annie Parnell is the winner of the Strathnairn Arts Anita Mcintyre (Eass)* Ceramics Residency & Exhibition Award 2019, and a studio holder at Strathnairn.

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Image of Annie’s work by Barbie Robinson