Art in Miniature Annual Exhibition

Raglan Gallery
9-11 Lambie St, Cooma, NSW
Wed – Sun 10:30am – 3:30pm
Until 27 September 2020

The Art in Miniature Canberra friendship group invites you to its 20th exhibition of miniature works, an art form stretching back to the 8th century. There are 12 original members out of a current membership of 19.

Barbie tours the exhibition with Camelia Smith onsite at Raglan Gallery, Cooma

The works depict the group’s local surroundings, as well as the vast Australian countryside, overseas venues and intimate spaces like kitchen benches. The flora and fauna and the inner imagination are also popular subjects..

Miniature painting today draws on its roots in Islamic, Indian, Chinese and North African art. In the Western world the earliest examples can be found in the illuminated capital letters of church manuscripts. The letters were often decorated in pure gold leaf and around them were pictures of everyday life, or scenes from the Bible.

The jewel like art works invite the viewer for a closer look to appreciate the level of detail in each piece.

Please consult the gallery website for Covid-safe arrangements for in -person visits and for requirements for group visits.

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Picture: Michaela Lawrie – Following the Sun