Artists Society of Canberra Contemporary Group – Endangered

Wildbark Café at Mulligans Flat
25 Rosenbegr Street, Throsby ACT
5 to 24 March 2024

Members of the Contemporary Group of the Artists Society of Canberra have created work that reflects on the increase in the number of endangered species and the issue of imminent extinction.

Barbie spoke to Lynn Nocholas, from the Contemporary Group of the Artists Society of Canberra.

The works comment on the warming of the planet and waters, air pollution and loss of habitat due to urban spread and the increased use of land for agriculture.

The group asserts that we have a moral responsibility to all living creatures and that there is still hope for our planet if we devote time and resources to the identified problems.

The artists also express their sense of wonder for all species and for biodiversity. Their work is a way of giving a voice to those creatures who cannot speak for themselves.

Image credit: Lynn Nicholas – Inferno