ASOC Printmaking Workgroup – Handprinted

Kyeema Gallery at Capital Wines
13 Gladstone Street, Hall, ACT
Until 20 December 2021
Open Thursdays to Mondays 10am to 5pm

This exhibition is work by some of the members of this regularly meeting group of printmakers from the Artists Society of Canberra. It is a varied collection, made using a variety of printing techniques including drypoint, colograph, monoprint and linocut.

Barbie spoke to ASOC’s Simone Doherty about the printmaking exhibition

The subjects for these artists are equally as varied but many favour the natural world as their source of inspiration – many birds and plants feature in these pieces. There’s a quirkiness about some of these works, evidence of a playful spirit in the group and within some of its individuals.

Printmaking is a laborious form requiring not just the capacity to compose in reverse but also the painstaking methodology of creating a plate of some kind. Its reward is the uniqueness of each piece – no production runs here.

The inventiveness of these processes is married to its meditative nature. There are many ways to see the world and here you will see the pleasure artists take in small wonders – everything from a capsicum falling into water and its resultant splash to bunches of grapes hanging lustily on the vine. There is also a consciousness of the way line affects the viewer (as it does in real life), seen very vividly in a striking work by Robyn Banks – New Suburb – with its intricate patterns of tiles and fences.

All work is for sale. Thanks to Simone Doherty for an informative gallery walk-talk interview.