Australian Dance Party – Symbiosis

An Enlighten Canberra performance
Australian National Botanic Gardens
5 to 14 March 2021

Symbiosis takes the audience on a guided walk through different environments in the Australian National Botanic Gardens, exploring our human connection with Nature, our part in the natural world and its delicately balanced ecosystems.

It aims to direct focus back onto the urgency of climate action and to remind us of our role in protecting the precious.

Alison Plevey talks to Barbie about Symbiosis

Alison Plevey, Director of ADP, has worked in Symbiosis with performance collaborators Somebody’s Aunt, cellist Alex Voorhoeve, ADP dancers including Olivia Fyfe and Ryan Stone and Canberra poet Melinda Smith.

Elizabeth Cameron Dalman has been an artistic mentor and the choreographer of some of the work in this performance. The experience is immersive with the natural environment providing both sound and other sensory backdrops to the created work.

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Image Lorna Sim, from the Australian Dance Party website