Barbara Dawson – Layered Land: Time, Fragility, Repair

M16 Artspace, Gallery 3
21 Blaxland Crescent Griffith ACT
Friday 22 March – Sunday 14 April 2024
Open Wednesday to Sunday 12 noon to 5pm

Barbara Dawson’s Layered Land series of drawings and textiles investigates the way a place is remembered. In the mind’s reinterpreting details are altered, omitted, and become imbued with one’s own emotional outlook.

Barbie spoke to Barbara Dawson at M16 about Layered Land: Time, Fragility, Repair

These works are the landscapes of the artist’s heart and bones – are they the Brindabellas or the coast or the place where memory and imagination intersect.

The artist is driven by her connection to place, to the environment, and to natural processes evident with the passage of time. Barbara’s intention is not to represent the landscape though the works are quite strongly representational. She wants to capture the passage of time and its effect on both land and person.

Here a palette of shades of grey, sliced through with russets and oranges. She uses old maps and newspapers to create layer upon layer. She dyes, reclaims old fabrics, stitches and affixes, coats surfaces with encaustic and all manner of processes, all of which say something about her need to connect with the land and the past.

The work is superbly evocative, touchable and inviting. Who would have thought that so much grey could say so much and draw one in so completely?

Image: Barbara Dawson, Configuration, 2022.