Bell Shakespeare – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Directed by Pter Evans
Canberra Theatre Centre
7 – 15 June 2024

Director Peter Evans focuses on the play within the play, looking at the illusion of theatre and performance itself, with the assistance of Movement Director Nigel Poulton. This is billed as a highly physical production with eight actors playing multiple parts.

Barbie speaks to Imogen Sage from the cast of Bell Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The cast

  • Ella Prince as Puck
  • Ahunim Abebe as Hermia / Snug
  • Isabel Burton as Helena/ Starveling
  • Mike Howlett as Demetrius / Snout
  • Matu Ngaropo as Bottom / Egeus
  • Richard Pyros as Theseus / Oberon / Flute
  • Imogen Sage as Titania / Hippolyta /
  • Quince Laurence Young as Lysander / Mechanical

The Plot

Love is in the air in Athens – and it’s contagious. Besides the royal wedding, which is just days away, there are young lovers dreaming of enchanted futures together. Hermia and Lysander are besotted with one another, while Helena adores Demetrius. The only snag is that Demetrius loves Hermia – and he’s got Hermia’s father on his side. So nobody is happy.

Determined to be together, Hermia and Lysander meet in a moonlit forest, with plans to elope. Following hot on their heels is Demetrius, who in turn is pursued by a lovelorn Helena.

But the young lovers are not alone in the forest. Nick Bottom and his hapless bunch of tradies have gathered to rehearse a play to be performed at the royal wedding.

And, hidden from human eyes, mischievous fairies are also in the forest that night. The three worlds collide in an explosion of comic confusion that throws the future of all the lovers into jeopardy.

About Bell Shakespeare

Bell Shakespeare is Australia’s national theatre company specialising in the works of William Shakespeare. Founded in 1990 with the aim of sharing Shakespeare’s plays in a way that was relevant and exciting to all Australians, the company has evolved further than its visionary founder, John Bell AO, could have hoped.