Ben Drysdale releases new single dealing with mental health

Smith’s Alternative, Canberra City
Saturday 22 June 2024, 6-8pm
with Niall Howe
Also available on streaming platforms from 21 June

Canberra songwriter Ben Drysdale’s new single Listen Now had its genesis several years ago and has already won recognition at an international songwriting competition.

The song was Inspired by a midnight call in 2020 from a friend who had what Drysdale describes as ‘a belly full of whiskey and a head full of despair.’

In that conversation, Drysdale demonstrated the power of listening and empathy in times of crisis. The friend, he says, is now doing fine.

Many of the negative thoughts his friend expressed were familiar to Drysdale, who has had his own mental health struggles.

Listen Now is an ode to anyone who is going through mental health challenges and a message of assurance that they are not alone. In particular, it is also a plea for men to defy societal stigmas and embrace vulnerability by seeking assistance when needed,’ he says.

The song was co-written with Drysdale’s Nashville based songwriting mentor John Clinebell and produced by Guy Lilleyman at Amberly Studios in Canberra with the assistance of an ACT Government grant.

It secured second place in last year’s Hawaii Songwriting Festival’s competition

Half the revenue from Bandcamp sales will be donated to suicide prevention.

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