Canberra PhotoConnect – Connections

M16 until 6 June
Wednesday to Sunday 12 to 5pm

PhotoConnect is a collaborative photography association which aims to encourage connections between photographers and other artists and the community at large. It is a membership organisation open to all artists regardless of medium, experience and skill level.

Barbie discusses the exhibition with coordinator, Helen McFadden

This exhibition shows works from 32 members on the theme of connection, which has been interpreted as widely as the experience and practice of the artists.

Helen McFadden has coordinated the exhibition and has successfully installed the vast number of small individual collections in such a way that all sit comfortably together on the walls – despite their vastly different styles and subject matters.

Every viewer will find something to fall in love with here.

The overall impression one leaves with is the sense that photomedia artists bring their particular way of seeing to any situation. Faced with the notion of disconnection and connection, some turn to introspection, some to nature, some to abstraction. All the works in this exhibition carry the intimate stories, experiences and predilections of their creators.

In many cases these works speak of absence, something many have felt acutely during the months of COVID isolation or relative separation. There is a seriousness about these assembled bodies of work, but in some cases also a playfulness. In every case, the works are professionally executed and presented, as well as being selected with an eye to their place in the collective.

Collaborative artist groups can be very nurturing when run sensitively and this one certainly seems to have provided a forum for the production and refinement of each artist’s practice. Audiences should allow plenty of time to visit M16 for the suite of exhibitions now showing. In the case of Connections, the works demand intense scrutiny in order to make the many viewer connections they will spark.

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Thank you to Helen McFadden for the guided tour and your superlative work as coordinator.

Image: Brenda Runnegar – Fleur, Inkjet print on fine art paper from photograph and scan of artwork, 30x42cm