Carmel McCrow – Just Add Water

M16 Artspace
21 Blaxland Crescent Griffith ACT 2603
Until 4 April 2021

Wednesday to Sunday 12noon to 5pm
Gallery open Easter weekend Saturday and Sunday

This exhibition by one of Canberra’s most accomplished artists depicts the many facets of water in the Australian landscape. Possessed of a great love and respect for the landscape, the artist has made many travels inland and to coastal regions, translating to canvas her impressions of colour, light, movement, atmosphere and her own feelings.

Barbie spoke to Carmel McCrow at M16

Showing both the absence and the presence of water, this exhibition is rich with colour and demonstrates Carmel McCrow’s command of her mediums. She underpaints in acrylic and then uses oils to endow richness and glow to her works. The effect of light dappling on water or of cloud reflections is particularly arresting in this body of work.

For the most part the work will fall into the abstraction box, but this artist’s work is highly suggestive of the figurative even when she is clearly leading us into the line, shape, colour and flow of her work rather than prescribing the subject itself.

There are two small figurative works, Serenity and Strength, painted in her garden, and expressing two of the leading characterisations of Nature.  Indeed, this can be seen as comment on our own need for such characteristics. 

As always, Carmel McCrow’s Just Add Water has great visual impact and is expertly rendered. This body of work is bound to attract favourable attention from the Canberra gallery going public. All the work is for sale.

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Image: Carmel McCrow Seaborn Light, photographed by Living Arts Canberra at M16 Artspace with the permission of the artist.