Carole Osmotherly – Paintings on Silk

28 April to 16 May 2021
Humble House Gallery
93 Wollongong Street, Fyshwick
Open Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm

Meet the artist session 1 May from 12 noon to 3pm

Many artists are responding this year to a deep sense of sadness over the loss of so many trees during the bushfire storms of 2019-20. Trees in their many forms appear in a number of exhibitions I have visited this year, depicting both sorrow over the destruction and death and joy and wonder at the regrowth and fecundity.

Barbie speaks to Carole Osmotherly about the exhibition

Carole Osmotherly, silk artist extraordinaire, is one such artist, and her paintings on silk at Humble House Gallery are a fine collection of both closely observed and creatively imagined stands of Australian trees in our region and beyond. Carole’s layering and masking techniques give a nod to older traditions of batik and silk brush painting but result in works uniquely hers.

It is surprising to this unskilled observer how fine and sharp her lines are, set against detailed beds of leaf litter and dreamy backgrounds of lucent forest light. Her subjects stand with majestic linear tallness or weave and loop in tortured black twists. The depth of field she achieves allows the viewer to step into her silken forests and indulge in the sensory feast she herself has enjoyed when strolling in woodlands or suburban streets.

Most of these works are long hangings of about 1.6 metres but there are also smaller square framed pieces. All work is for sale.

An electronic catalogue is available on request.

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