Claire McMillan- The Necklace

Touchstone, an imprint of Simon and Schuster Inc, 2017

Claire McMillan is an American author, the 2017-18 Cuyahoga County Writer in Residence who lives near Cleveland Ohio. The Necklace is her second novel.

This is another of the historical fiction genre I seem to be coming across so much lately with parallel stories in past and present, often linked by an object found by the present-day hero/ine.

This is the tale of family secrets in the wealthy Quincy family, drawn together upon the death of Loulou. Our modern day protagonist is an Oregonian lawyer named Nell – part of the outer circle of the family who is named as executor of the will and left a necklace that at first appears to be bling but turns out to be extremely valuable.

The machinations of the old money Ohio family and the sins of the past reach well into the present day and there is a good measure of skullduggery to keep the reader engaged in what are for the most part a pretty unpleasant cast of characters.

I found this book at an airport bookstore during recent travels and it was a great aeroplane read. Claire McMillan is currently working on her next novel, set in France during the reign of Louis XVI and will focus on some of the well known female names of the era – Marie Antoinette, Madame du Barry, Vigee Le Brun and Rose Bertin.