Cobargo Folk Festival urges patrons to book early

Friday 1 – Sunday 3 March 2024
Cobargo Showgrounds

Irish singer-songwriter Lisa O’Neill will be one of the headline acts at this year’s Cobargo Folk Festival – and organisers have urged people to book their tickets as soon as possible.

Richard spoke to Festival Director Zena Armstrong

Festival Director Zena Armstrong says the festival – the 27th – will have more than 50 acts over the three days. She says that since COVID, and changing weather patterns, audiences have tended to book only in the last two weeks, and this puts the organisers – all volunteers – in a difficult position with significant outgoings but uncertainly about income.

‘It’s very challenging when you’re trying to manage all of the logistics of a large festival managed by small community,” she says. ‘So I do urge people if you’re thinking about coming down from Canberra, and there’s a lot to do down here as well, on the South Coast, the far South Coast, it would be great [to book early].’

The festival will have four main venues, plus a dance stage and number of smaller ones including a youth stage an elders’ tent. The size of venues has also increased to give people more space around them – partly a legacy of COVID and social distancing.

‘People and performers really want a good experience and a good experience means good sound, comfortable venues and decent stages. We’ve got all of that.’

Local acts Include Heath Cullen and his Band, the Bushwackers (a group which has been going nearly twice as long as the festival), Kavisha Mazzella, Shortis and Simpson with Michael Simic from Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, Mic Conway and Robbie Long, identical twins Alanna and Alicia and now Bega local, Fiona Boyes.

Amongst the other international artists are the Whitetop Mountaineers from Virginia USA, and Manus McGuire with Adam Ogle, from Ireland and New Zealand respectively.

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