Complex Weavers of Australia – Cartography of Cloth

Strathnairn, 90 Stockdill Drive Holt ACT
Until 27 June 2021

Cartography of Cloth is the first Australian Complex Weavers members-only exhibition and has been four years in the making. It is a judged exhibition, and what a stunning display of weaving artistry it is. Each piece is a clear demonstration not only of consummate skill but of the love of making by each artisan.

Exhibiting artist Belinda Rosee talks about the exhibition

Complex patterns and carefully selected colour palettes invite close inspection by the viewer. I found myself repeatedly gasping with the sheer skill of these works, conscious of the many hours of hand labour required to produce them. Every cm of cloth is touched by the hand of the weaver.

Clothmaking is an ancient art. Now aided in many cases by the use of computer-generated patterns, either the original work of the maker or commercially available designs, the modern weaver can avail him or herself of modernity whilst cherishing the traditions passed down from centuries of practice. Homage for past masters and mistresses is no impediment to the adoption of contemporary techniques which must, I guess, save eyes and hands.

This is a remarkable exhibition of superlative pieces, most of which are for sale. Thank you to Belinda Rosee, Australia East and South-East Area Liaison officer for Complex Weavers, co-ordinator of this exhibition and weaver extraordinaire, for such a fascinating gallery walk-talk.

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Exhibiting artists

Belinda Rosee | Dianne McNamara | Helen Halpin | Bev Bills | Christiane Knight | Janine Studholme | Liz Calnan | Liz Perry | Melanie Olde | Merrilyn Reid | Rosemarie Eberhardt | Suzy Furness | Yvonne Kattell | Dawn Talbot | Helen Robbins | Kate Holmes | Mog Bremner | Pam McDougall | Ursula Stehle | Anne Lewis

Image: Kate Holmes Thalassa, from Strathnairn website