Contrasts in Motion: Unveiling the Subtle and the Unnoticed

Leslie Andersen and Jeanette Muirhead
The Front Gallery & Café
1 Wattle Place Lyneham ACT
5-17 April 2024
Open weekdays 7am-3pm and weekends 8am-2pm

These artists share a common belief in the value of walking, of slowing down to observe and appreciate the inconspicuous. They invite viewers to discover beauty in unusual places.

Jeanette Muirhead focuses on the intricate tapestry of nature, drawing attention to the many textures, hues and contours of the bark of eucalypt trunks.

Lesley Andersen develops abstract responses to weathered surfaces, highlighting the uniqueness found in the markings, impressions, and disruptions of the concrete footpaths she walks on.

Opening night Friday 5 April 2024 5pm to 7pm is a ticketed free event. Find it by searching the event tile on Eventbrite

Top picture: Leslie Anderson, Anzac Park

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