Domenic Mico – In the Shadow of Light

Domenic Mico – In the Shadow of Light
Kyeema Gallery at Capital Wines
13 Gladstone Street, Hall, ACT

Thursday to Monday 10.30am to 5pm
Until 27 June 2021

Canberra arts mover and shaker Domenic Mico has found time in retirement to paint. He has held successful exhibitions from 2018  – at FORM Gallery Queanbeyan and at M16.

The collection of large, brilliantly coloured oil paintings in this body of work are abstract expressions of joy and celebration. Carrying titles merely suggestive of their subject matter, they are in fact an open book for the imagination.

Domenic Mico spoke to Barbie at Kyeema Gallery

Domenic Mico was the founder of the Canberra Day celebrations and has worked in a myriad of arts organisations over his long career. He has clearly retained his delight in the colourful and the vibrant, whether it be exploring the cosmos or nature around him.

These paintings are very much an expression of Domenic Mico’s ebullient personality. He is unpretentious about his work – it’s just about colour, light and happiness, he tells us – and frankly, that is enough. It’s a fitting way to approach our times, contemplative and yet exuberant.

All works are for sale.

Image – Domenic’s work, photograph Barbie Robinson