Dorothy-Jane Gosper – The Witness album launch and performances

Friday 6 November 2020 7:30pm
Austrian Australian Club, Mawson, ACT
Tickets $11 plus booking fee. Limited seating


Sunday 29 November 2020 4pm and 5:30pm
Smith’s Alternative, Canberra City


From Her Canberra:

There have been days over the last few years, where blues singer-songwriter Dorothy-Jane Gosper has had trouble stringing even a few words together.

In 2016, she faced a nightmare in which she witnessed her husband molesting a child.

Incredible upheaval followed—in which he was sentenced to prison and she was left with massive financial debts she had no idea about, losing the stability of having a roof over her head.

And then in 2018, Dorothy-Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Out of such despair, Dorothy-Jane did what she knew what to do, she composed music and let her heart and voice do the rest.

The Witness is Dorothy-Jane’s ninth album, but it is her most important. It will be launched on Sunday 22 March at Smith’s Alternative.

“I had to make this album, not only as a way to heal and process what I and others have been through, but also to help remind others that not only does this type of abuse happen every day, but that it is possible to expose it, to find justice and to grow beyond it,” says Dorothy-Jane.

“In telling my story I hope people have the courage to call out abuse where they see it, to question where they suspect it, and to be ready to help those facing abuse to make that difficult step of telling someone about it.”