Exhibition on Screen – Young Picasso

Greater Union Manuka 8 to 11 August 2019

The latest in the Exhibition on Screen films to come to Canberra explores the life of Picasso, the childhood and family influences that equipped him from a young age to create such competent works and the drive that led him to study and work in Barcelona and Paris, producing an enormous body of work and changing the face of modern art.

Barbie talks to Phil Grabsky, Director ofYoung Picasso

Interviews with curators, historians and Picasso’s grandson Olivier Widmaier Picasso, along with letters from friends and lovers offer insight into Picasso’s youthful years. We visit a number of the fine collections of Picasso’s work in Spain, Paris and at MOMA New York, but it is the personal stories behind these works of art and periods in Picasso’s life that so enrich our knowledge of him.

Information and ways of connecting with the film makers can be found at https://exhibitiononscreen.com/