Felicity Green and Colin Grant – Illuminations

M16 Artspace Canberra
Until 6 June 2021
Open Wednesday to Sunday 12pm to 5pm

The marriage of Colin Grant’s dreamlike figures (mostly women) and Felicity Green’s almost hyper-real forestscapes may seem unlikely, but in fact the works sit very comfortably with one another. Both bodies of work simultaneously occupy a real and an imagined space, one in which light is the dominant element.

Barbie spoke with Colin Grant and Felicity Green about Illuminations

While both artists have presented what may be deemed representational works, there is a whisper of the abstract and the surreal there as well.

Felicity Green invites us into wild growing tangles of branches, leaves and grasses; always there is light at the end of her tunnels whether we are following a woodland path or gazing into the sky. We’re always looking for the light.

Colin Grant has also played with light and colour, the figures in his foregrounds evoke imagined stories and there are others entirely in his backdrops. His women are curvaceous and embedded in the natural world, communing with birds or lost in thought, Madonna like against the sea and sky.

The exhibition leaves us with the feeling of having entered a story book world where unexpected justapositions are all part of the suspension of disbelief. It’s visually beautiful but also a tad disturbing – that’s a good thing. The gazer won’t tire of any of these paintings if they find a way to a home wall.

Further Information at https://www.m16artspace.com.au/

Thanks to the artists for talking me around the walls at M16.