Flamenco for Everybody

Tuggeranong Arts Centre
7.30pm, Saturday 28 May 2022

Flamenco For Everybody is a community response of resilience.

Developed during COVID lockdowns, this show began on an outdoor community verandah and local wharf where Annalouise Paul practised dancing.

Barbie talks to Annalouise Paul about Flamenco for Everybody

The connection with locals was strong. She met walkers, boaties, dogs and children and one little boy on a scooter who asked, ‘Are you making a show? For everybody?’ A few months later a show was born.

The show opens with Annalouise sharing her story using contemporary-Flamenco dance, sound design and video. This develops into a full concert experience with sacred song and spoken word. You’ll hear about social, historical and cultural events that have shaped Flamenco over time from the living traditions of Andalusia; the Roma, Sephardi, Arabic and African cultures.

Flamenco For Everybody was supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW and Destination NSW for Sydney Solstice and produced by Annalouise Paul Dance Theatre.