Flow Line – Abstraction from the CMAG Collection

Canberra Museum and Gallery
Until 7 November 2020

Ham Darroch and Guy Warren in conversation with exhibition curator Virginia Rigney on Wednesday 23 Sept at 1 pm

The title of this exhibition draws from a term used in the oil industry that describes the behaviour of viscous liquids . Applying it to look at these paintings, it asks us to find the ways that artists have held tension, created dynamic, forced rupture or found a sublime intuitive flow.

Barbie speaks to curator Virginia Rigney at CMAG

The works of the 12 artists in the exhibition – Vivienne Binns, Ham Darroch, George Foxhill, Thomas Gleghorn, Marie Hagerty, Richard Larter, Peter Maloney, Derek O’Connor, Michael Taylor, Rover Thomas, Ruth Waller and Guy Warren – are grouped in four clusters, each revealing a different approach to abstraction.

The exhibition also reflects the creative practice of the Canberra region as well as those who have passed through. It invites us to find flow lines of connections between different generations of artists.

CMAG has a relatively young collection that reflects our city and region that has grown in just over 22 years.

After another exhibition had to be rescheduled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this exhibition provides an opportunity to present some brand new acquisitions including works by Guy Warren and Richard Larter – both donated under the Cultural Gifts scheme, and a recently purchased work by Ham Darrach.

These are shown alongside other major purchases over past five years of works by Vivienne Binns and Marie Hagerty. There are also four works by Rover Thomas which were donated by Studio One in 2000 but have never been shown together before.

Information at www.cmag.com.au