Gail Jones – The Death of Noah Glass

Text Publishing Melbourne 2018

I must confess at the outset that I am not an impartial reviewer of the work of Gail Jones. I love the way she writes and the stories she tells. I’ve been a follower of her work since 2004. A writer as critically acclaimed as she is hardly needs my endorsement, but here goes – another powerful and absorbing story from a mistress of the writing craft.

Gail Jones writes so exquisitely. Every sentence holds meaning and every sentence is beautifully crafted – she writes poetic prose with attention to each word and its placement.

The Death of Noah Glass travels between Palermo (Sicily) and Sydney, past and present stories, separate and entwined lives. It explores the bonds of love and family, guilt, grief, happiness and the intersection of lives. This tale of secrets, family and place insistently holds the reader in thrall, both for its form and its substance.

Gail Jones is the author of 2 short story collections and seven novels: Black Mirror, Sixty Lights, Dreams of Speaking, Sorry, Five Bells, A Guide to Berlin and this latest The Death of Noah Glass. I recommend that you read them all.