Geoff Page – Elegy for Emily: A Verse Biography of Emily Remler (1957 – 1990)

Puncher and Wattmann, Australia 2019

With beguiling rhythm and cadence Geoff Page tells the story – or parts thereof – of the short life of jazz guitarist Emily Remler. This is a sad story of a life gone too quickly and marries Page’s passion for poetry as a storytelling form with his love for jazz.

The work is a set of 24 glimpses into parts of Emily Remler’s life from a small child to her death. Geoff Page found what he could, mainly on the internet, to piece together a story that feels surprisingly full.

Barbie speaks with Geoff Page

Each piece begins with a prose introduction, the musician’s words, and then explores an incident or phase of her life. It is an impelling read, brief, beautifully conceived and sensitively executed.

Geoff Page has published 23 collections of poetry and two novels, five verse novels and several other works. He has presented monthly poetry readings since 1994 and jazz concerts since 2003 at various venues around Canberra.

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