Give old phones their March-ing orders, says mobile recycler

MobileMuster, an initiative funded by the mobile phone industry, is aiming to collect and recycle many of the estimated 5 million broken mobiles in Australia in its Go For Zero campaign during March.

The head of MobileMuster, Spyro Kalos, says that MobileMuster extracts 95 per cent of the materials in phones, including glass, plastics and rare materials, by hand in Australia and sells them for reuse.

Richard spoke to Spyro Kalos about MobileMuster and ways of extending the life of mobile devices

He says that the average period for which devices such as phones and tablets are used before being replaced has actually increased from about two years to 30 months. Components such as inbuilt batteries can be replaced and need not be the limiting factor in a mobile device’s longevity.

‘As consumers, we have a key role to play in the circular economy’, he says.

‘Rather than storing that old phone, think about how you can extend its life by selling or passing it onto someone in the family. If it doesn’t work, it is really time to let it go and recycle it with MobileMuster.’

Further information about MobileMuster, including drop-off points and free-postage satchels, is available at