Harry Saddler: The Eastern Curlew – The Extraordinary Life of a Migratory Bird

Affirm Press, Melbourne, 2018

This beautiful book by Harry Saddler is an account of the annual migration of the Eastern Curlew and the lives of other shore birds. It is both a work of science and a glimpse of the Canberra childhood that led Harry to love natural places and, in 2016, to make his own migration to the landing and breeding places of the Eastern Curlew in China, South Korea and Finland.

Whilst writing with clarity and insight about various aspects of ornithology and conservation, Harry also delivers an exquisite turn of phrase, making the reading experience more like that of a finely crafted novel. Surely no-one could read this book and leave unconvinced of the importance of these birds and the necessity of conserving their habitats, linking humankind and countries, as they do, across the globe.

The Eastern Curlew is available in many Canberra and Melbourne bookshops and can of course be ordered by your favourite independent bookstore.

Listen to Barbie’s interview with Harry Saddler