Indigenous Literacy Foundation – Indigenous Literacy Day

The fine work of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation continues to provide culturally appropriate books and books in language to thousands of Aboriginal children in remote communities.

This year’s Indigenous Literacy Day on Wednesday 4 September was marked by a visit to the Sydney Opera House by students and teachers from Nhulunbuy Primary School in Arnhem Land celebrating the publication of their  beautiful book I Saw We Saw.

I Saw We Saw, was written and illustrated by the students in an ILF workshop with ambassador Ann James. An edition will be gifted to communities in the region and sold in bookshops around Australia.

I Saw, We Saw is one of the 90 books ILF has published as part of their Community Literacy Projects. This program empowers Indigenous people from the remotest parts of Australia to write and illustrate the stories that they want to tell, which reflect their culture and their language and in this, the Year of Indigenous Languages, this is particularly poignant.

The book – both English edition with some words in language and the home language Yolngu Matha – can also be obtained from ILF via their website. For more information and/or to donate visit