Jenni Savigny – The Art of the Story Circle

Celebrating 10 years collaborating with communities to create personal stories
ACT Heritage Library, 255 Canberra Ave, Fyshwick ACT
Until 30 April 2021
Open weekdays 9.30am to 5pm and Saturdays 10am to 4pm.

This exhibition chronicles the work of digital storytelling facilitator Jenni Savigny and photographer Stephen Corey with many groups in the community. It provides a clear and evocative picture of the often marginalised people who have participated in the program.

Barbie spoke to Jenni Savigny at the exhibition

Jenni Savigny, the Artistic Director of Gen S Stories, has made a professional practice as a digital storytelling facilitator, encompassing 10 years of programs with a wide variety of community organisations.

Stephen Corey is a Canberra photographer and also tutors at the Canberra Institute of Technology Photography department and CIT Solutions.

Participants have made stories about subjects as diverse for example as homelessness, the loss of homes due to Mr Fluffy asbestos contamination, transgender issues, domestic violence and deafness. In each case, the participant uses his or her own written piece of about 450 to 500 words and combines this with (usually) photographic images, found or made, to create a film of about 3 minutes duration.

Jenni and Stephen have assisted participants with concepts, communication, commitment to the project writing, editing, photography skills and the construction of the digital film, with other expert consultancy input for mastering and final production. The process and product have proved cathartic and nurturing for the many participants in this program.

At the Heritage Library exhibition, information panels and digital footage are available for the audience to view at leisure. A sizeable collection of digital story films are now held in the ACT Heritage Library Collection.

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Image by Living Arts Canberra shows Dr Maya Haviland, Jenni Savigny and Stephen Corey at a panel discussion held on 1 April as part of the exhibition.