Joel Swadling – David Branson biography project

Actor Joel Swadling was a close friend of Canberra theatre director, musician, actor and writer David Branson, who died in a car accident in 2011 at the age of just 37.

Joel Swadling spoke to Barbie about the David Branson biography project

With access granted by the family to a vast collection of David’s papers and through interviews with more than 80 of Branson’s family, friends and associates, Joel Swadling has embarked upon a multi-year project of not only the archiving of the Branson papers at the ACT Heritage Library but also a biographical book.

The book will be launched with some ceremony and theatrical input in December 2021 at The Street Theatre, close to the time of the 10th anniversary of David Branson’s death.

Barbie met with Joel for a preliminary chat about the project and its significance to the author and to the wider Canberra/Australian community. A review of the book will appear in these pages later this year.