Julie Lark and Sheryl Miller – A Touch of Spring

Bungendore Fine Art Gallery
Throughout September 2020

Although originally a watercolour artist, Canberra based Julie Lark adapted her style to fluid mediums after being diagnosed with Macular Degeneration more than five years ago.  She now enjoys the freedom of swirling layers and the unpredictability achievable with fluids.

Barbie speaks with watercolour artist Julie Lark

Julie works on a variety of substrates including Yupo and Ceramic Tile paper, aluminium board, easy flow panels, canvas and glass. Her artistic inspiration is drawn from her own changing emotions and the vivid colours of nature especially storms, sunsets and flowers.

Sunshine Bay Artist Sheryl Miller is well regarded for her skillful depiction of flowers in all their variety beauty.  Her original interest was in oils but as with many artists she has experimented with other mediums. As well as watercolour her work includes Acrylic, Pastel & more recently Ink.

Sheryl is best known for her transparent watercolour paintings.  Although flowers are her main passion, she enjoys a wide variety of subjects drawn from her local seaside surroundings and her travels throughout Australia and overseas.

Her love of flowers resonated with an unexpected visitor to her 2012 exhibition at Bungendore Fine Art Gallery.  Australian author the late Bryce Courtenay had a special love of sunflowers and Sheryl’s watercolour “Sunny Sunflowers” so delighted him that he bought it.

Sheryl attributes her talent, inspiration and love of nature to her mother and grandmother who were both artists.  Her paintings have been acquired by Australian and overseas collections.