Karynne Ledger – Colony Meets Colony

M16 Artspace, 21 Blaxland Street, Griffith ACT
Until 21 February, 2021
Wednesday to Sunday 12pm to 5pm under COVID safe conditions

Colony Meets Colony is one of three new exhibition runs at M16 It is a set of ink and liquid acrylic drawings juxtaposing native Australian birds with fine china.

Barbie visited M16 Artspace to talk to Karynne Ledger about Colony Meets Colony

Karynne Ledger is passionate about our native flora and fauna and interests herself in this exhibition and other work in the loss of habitat caused by colonisation and development.

While her work has a clear political and environmental sting, it is also visually beautiful. Her rendering of birds is detailed and individualised – each bird presents a gaze which both challenges and despairs.

Placed against these feathered messengers are Karynne’s equally fine and detailed depictions of china from her own collection, much of it dating back to the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Her educative message about the destruction by colonialists of the natural world does not detract from her obvious admiration for the fine ceramic works of the past. Each piece is lovingly portrayed and cunningly placed in a visual relationship with its avian partner.

The birds provide a rebuke for us as human space invaders, the china, though exquisite,  provides a reminder of the cost of our ‘civilised’ ways.

The other exhibition at M16 are:

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Information about all the exhibitions is at https://www.m16artspace.com.au/

Image from M16 website: Karynne Ledger: The masked owl devines a fine plate, 2019, Inks and liquid acrylic, 300 GSM Arches watercolour paper