Kenneth Spiteri workshop

Dramaturgy in the Creation of Physical/Image Theatre and New Dance Work
Canberra Theatre Courtyard Studio, 2 September 2018, 10am –  4pm

Led by actor, theatre maker and dance dramaturge Kenneth Spiteri, this workshop is for choreographers, dancers, actors and theatre makers who are interested in exploring different facets of ‘dramaturgy’ in the creation of new physical theatre and dance work.

The work will move between improvisation and discussion around the possibilities for creating meaning and ways in which a dramaturge can help facilitate the process of clarification in the creation of new works.

This work is particularly appropriate for theatre makers interested in developing their own work and who may have material that they would like to explore in a critical yet safe environment.

Biographies create psychologies and the capacity to understand behaviour. Contemporary dramaturgy is founded in this understanding of storytelling. Theatre did not always function this way. It has shamanic roots, and a history of hosting the Gods. In our current performance cultures, biography is dominant and the Gods are silent. This work seeks to challenge this convention by moving the function of performance from one of biography and narrative to one of vehicle and archetype.

– Kenneth Spiteri.

Participants are encouraged to bring a piece of text, song and/or choreographic phrase to explore as material in improvisations.

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