Kerry McInnis – Terraforma

Nancy Sever Gallery
Level 1, 131 City Walk, Civic
Until 5 December 2021
Open 11am-5pm Wednesday to Sunday

Kerry McInnis is happy to interpret the landscapes she paints, to combine and move elements from different places to suit her composition rather than reproducing photographic reality. She uses paint luxuriantly

She says of this collection: ‘The monoliths that I have painted and photographed for many years are scattered around our globe.  Their mass, their form, their age, are palpable as echoes of the millennia.

‘The waters that lap up to these boulders are tenuous and transparent – their inconstancy a fitting companion. These two elements have become my ever-present subjects and are the language of my art.’

Image supplied: Kerry McInnis – Geike backlight, 2021, oil and pol stick on canvas, 92x122cm