Krys Saclier – Super Nova

Ford Street Publishing, Australia, 2019

This gentle story of girl power is told in the voice of Super Nova’s brother. She is always up to mischief but has everyone fooled except for him. Despite the challenges of being an older brother to Nova, he is always there to cheer her on – even through tussles with aliens.

Barbie speaks with Krys Saclier, author of Super Nova

This unlikely super-hero is a normal little girl in pyjamas, one with whom all young readers can identify. Albeit in the realms of imagination, Super Nova exhibits courage and resourcefulness and quite a bit of cuteness to carry her through the worst of her self-made trials.

Having a great older brother to take her side, and even take the blame sometimes, is a wonderful gift for this little girl. Together these two are a force to be reckoned with and her sibling’s love and admiration for Nova are touching.

Rebecca TImmis has accompanied Krys Saclier’s accessible text with lively and engaging illustrations, which will appeal to young readers and listeners. There’s plenty going on pictorially and plenty for adults and children to discuss in both the actual storyline and the underlying themes. The book will certainly make a popular addition to the bedtime bookshelf.

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