Krystal Hurst: ACT finalist in Telstra NATSIAA 2020

Museum and Art Gallery, Northern Territory

For the second successive year, Krystal Hurst is the ACT’s entrant in the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards.

She is one of 67 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists selected to exhibit in the 2020 NATSIAA) Australia’s most prestigious and longest-running Indigenous art awards.

Barbie speaks with NATSIAA finalist, Krystal Hurst

Finalists include 26 from the NT, 17 from WA, 16 from SA and 8 from QLD, NSW, ACT and Victoria.

Krystal Hurst

Krystal Hurst, is based in Canberra, but grew up on the mid-North Coast of NSW. A jewellery maker, her NATSIAA artwork is inspired by her grandmother and ancestors before her, as she worked to create a piece that would make her feel strong and proud. She wanted to remind her ‘mob’ who they were and who they were connected to.

The layered pippy shells are threaded with seaweed beads to represents the many generations of Worimi women and the continuation of their knowledge and strength passed on to the younger generation.

This year Krystal has facilitated her first weaving workshop at the National Gallery of Australia, conducted Aboriginal jewellery workshops at National Museum of Australia and presented work at First Draft Gallery in Sydney and Emerging Contemporaries Exhibition at Craft in Canberra.

Necklace image details: Banded kelp shells, pippies, fishing line and seaweed

Artist Statement:

Tiny shells speak, their voices flow through my continuous thread of ocean jewels. This necklace represents my connection to Saltwater Country and memories growing up on the Mid North Coast. The layered pippy shells and seaweed beads symbolise my lineage of Worimi Matriarchs and the continuation of knowledge and culture. I made this necklace as a tribute to my Ancestors