Leeanne Crisp – Simple Forms, Complex Times

Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka ACT
Until Sunday 3 March 2024
Open Friday to Sunday 10am to 5pm

Each day, artist Leeanne Crisp went to her studio some distance from the homestead on a small farm in the Shoalhaven catchment and followed her daily meditation by making one brushstroke.

The big brush she used was purchased on a trip to China. The paper lay on the floor. The stroke was red. She mixed the pigments, Quinacridone Red, Magenta, and Rose, fresh with water every day.

Some days a single brushstroke would join the dried marks of the days before, gradually accumulating towards a form. Splatter from hard wet contact, deep soaking into the paper, islands of bright white, and thin washes of pink, and thick gestural sweeps asserted themselves and their meaning.

As these forms gradually appeared in her studio, the artist experienced drought followed by fires, and the global pandemic.