Lisa Ireland – The Art of Friendship

McMillan Australia 2018

This is the second novel of Victorian coastal dweller Lisa Ireland. It examines the nature of old and new friendships, the nature of love, the challenges of parenting and family life. Set against a back drop of domestic violence, this story quietly unfolds, as its protagonists Kit and Libby navigate their way through the rediscovery of themselves and each other as adults – after a lifelong childhood friendship conducted often long distance.

Lisa Ireland treats us to some wry and insightful observations on modern ‘society’ women and indeed on the nature of women’s friendships. The characters are warts and all and accordingly, the path of true love and true friendship never did run smooth(ly) – sorry Shakesepare, have to use an adverb.

Lisa Ireland was a teacher before turning to full time writing. She lists her passions as art and travel with a strong interest in human rights including active support for the Combined Refugee Action Group which provides assistance for refugees in her local region.