Lisa Kalma – My llama Drama

Illustrated by Eduardo Paj
Created by Bear with Us Productions UK
Published by Brindie Books 2019

This charming debut book by Canberra author and teacher Lisa Kalma will delight early readers and young story listeners.

It is written with a sense of fun and a teacher’s knowledge of the importance of rhyme and rhythm in the development of early readers’ love of language. Lisa is the sort of teacher we all wish we had and would wish for our own children and  grandchildren.

Lisa Kalma talks about and reads My llama Drama

Contrary to its title, there is no disturbing drama here – thank goodness as there is enough drama in the real world! Rather the verse story moves along at a quick pace with a collection of comically drawn characters (llamas) that will appeal to children.

Eduardo Paj’s illustrations have captured the tone of the text perfectly. Every llama exudes his or her individual personality. The little twist at the end will no doubt evince giggles or ‘Awwwws’ from young listeners.

This is a book meant to be read aloud and it works best that way, especially if the reader is willing to inject the necessary theatre into the presentation. You can hear this in the interview attached to this piece when Lisa reads the story for us – in the jolly way she intended it to sound.

The book is available in Canberra at Harry Hartog  bookstore Woden or you can contact the author on Facebook. Her web address is