Lynne Edwards – How to Pass a Test – Is this the direction of Australian education today?

Ginninderra Press. 2015

The (finally) current debate about the continuance or cancellation of NAPLAN testing in our schools makes it appropriate that I refer you to Lynne Edward’s excellent short book tackling the subject of testing and teaching, published four years ago.

I will state for transparency that I oppose NAPLAN and other such global testing of children in our schools as I cannot see evidence of their usefulness. My reading of Lynne’s book is thus in that context. She covers the NAPLAN test itself, the way children learn, the role of the teacher and his or her status in our society, the role of the parent and a comparison with what happens in Finland.

Lynne’s work is based upon a long and happy career as an early childhood teacher and as a tutor and adviser in teacher education. Suffice it to say therefore that she speaks not just from the heart but with a background of practical coalface experience.

I commend this book to everyone with a genuine interest in education and in our society being the best it can be – parents, teachers, grandparents, citizens, politicians, economists for a start. Lynne’s book finishes with this from New York Times reporter Douglas Frantz and his wife, journalist Catherine Collins: ‘Teachers are verbal by nature. They are observers by profession. They spend all day with the most important commodity in the world, our children.’

Barbie’s interview with Lynne Edwards