Majura Café Poets – Poetry Patisserie 2021

Self published, Australia, 2022
Cover design Karen May
Internal design Clint Wright

Cover photo depicts Le Bon Mélange Café Patisserie Gungahlin

The Majura Café Poets have been meeting since 2009 under the leadership of Canberra poet Fiona McIlroy. Despite the limitations of COVID lockdowns and uncertainty, the group has continued to gather and enjoy collegial support for their writing over the last two years and has produced this excellent slim volume of selected works.

Fiona McIlroy talks to Barbie about Poetry Patisserie 2021, and several of the poets read their poems

Works by Rohan Buettel, Jenny Burgess, Claudia Cresswell, Christopher Dorman, Marilyn Hutchinson, Belinda Ketley, Karen May, Sandie McGahy, Fiona McIlroy, Maureen McInerney, Cynthia Shannon, Judy Smith, Jill Sutton, David Turbayne Clint Wright.

The concerns of the age are reflected in these poems, but equally there are timeless human preoccupations. In fact, it seems that the distilling of our experiences over the last wee while has resulted in a clear focus by many artists on just those timeless considerations – connection, family, love, home and hearth, how we spend our time, the joys of nature and fresh air, the pleasure of simple and beautiful things. These are the subjects of many of the works, along with introspection.  Keeping our good humour has also been important.

The poets whose works we read in this book are not only well supported by their peers, but demonstrate skill, discipline and assurance in their medium. Their command of the art of brevity results in works we can consume like the sweet treats referred to in the title of the book, but whose depths of flavour linger with us like the pleasurable indulgence of a fine French pastry. 

Copies of the book are available in a variety of northside Canberra post offices and shops or by contacting Fiona McIlroy at: [email protected]

Thank you to the Majura Café Poets for the review copy of this book and to Fiona for speaking with me about the group and its work. Long may it continue.