Margaret Kalms – Life with Endometriosis

Self published, Canberra Australia, 2019

Margaret Kalms is a photomedia artist who uses her artwork for women’s health advocacy. Her work to raise awareness for the plight of those suffering with endometriosis has resulted in an exhibition, the reproduction of her images in photography magazines, fundraising for Endometriosis support and this book.

Margaret met with 27 women with endometriosis and 17 elected to join her photographic publication project. In consultation with the 17 women who have now appeared in this publication, Margaret created a visual representation of how they felt as a result of the disease. The images express a range of emotions and experiences of pain and loss.

Barbie spoke to Margaret Kalms about Life With Endometriosis

Key in Margaret’s work is her Christian perspective in opening up a closed space of women’s reproductive health. The primary message of the book is that this is a serious illness which could benefit from a great deal more government funding and societal awareness along with more widespread education programs. Most of all it is something that should be spoken of.

Life with Endomteriosis is available from Margaret by contacting her via her website

It is also available as a Kindle through Amazon at