Marie Carver and Natalie Will  – What you see, What I see?

Kyeema Gallery at Capital Wines in Hall
Until 5 May 2024

Both artists offer their take on the landscapes in their regions or places from their travels.

Marie Carver and Natalie Will spoke to Barbie at Kyeema Gallery

Natalie Will’s work is primarily about evoking joy. She is mostly known for her contemporary Australian landscapes and works in a variety of mediums and techniques including acrylic, printmaking, ceramics and pastels. She espouses the use of bright colour.

Natalie is from Robertson, in the Southern Highlands, NSW. She is a member of The Bowral District Art Society and has exhibited in the Best of City and Country Prize, Blue Square Prize, John Copes Watercolour Prize, The Waterbrooke Landscape Prize and The Agency Still Life Prize.

She is an active member of The Pop Up Project, an artist collective that helps to promote and create opportunities for artists to present their works.

Marie Carver has drawn inspiration from diverse sources including Vincent Van Gogh and John Constable. Since retiring she has devoted herself to learning and practising a variety of techniques, preferring to work in acrylic.

Marie was born on the island of Mauritius and spent her early childhood there, as well as in Madagascar. Her family travelled to different countries for her father’s work and she has continued to enjoy the experience of travel.

She now lives in the Yass Valley and often paints the surrounding landscapes as well as recently making light-hearted abstracts. She is also enamoured of seascapes and the natural beauty of the Australian coastline.