Mayor – Stronger than Fiction

Friday 28 May 2021 at 7pm
Dendy Canberra
2020, directed by David Osit

This is a fascinating (and timely) insight into the challenges of being a mayor in Palestine.

Hannah de Feyter, co-director of the 2021 Stronger than Fiction Film Festival, talks about Mayor

Musa Hadid is the charismatic, hardworking and endlessly optimistic mayor of Ramallah, Palestine. Whether he’s briefing abseiling Santas for the Christmas parade, problem solving for disgruntled shepherds, or trying to cut through marketing jargon in endless city branding meetings, Musa is devoted to improving public life for his constituents, and they love him for it.

However, public service in Palestine comes with a set of unique challenges. Musa’s dedicated work is frequently foiled by the limitations of governing an occupied city, and as Ramallah explodes into chaos in the wake of Trump’s embassy move, his skills in local governance are tested on an international stage. Director David Osit balances electric suspense with dark humour to craft a portrait that, much like the Mayor himself, has an unshakeable dignity at its core.